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Preview of FIFA 18, the most real football game to date

To be covered by Cristiano Ronaldo

We have played FIFA 18 on PS4 Pro for a good few hours and we count our impressions to the most realistic soccer simulator to date. On this occasion, Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the protagonist, not only for the cover, but for being the first player in the FIFA saga that '' scan ''.
We have boots to bring the advancement of FIFA 18 for PS4, Xbox One and PC(although we will also see on PS3, Xbox 360 and a different version for Nintendo Switch ).
We have jumped to the field to play the first games in this new installment of the saga and bring you our first impressions of FIFA 18 that will come to light next September. 
Speaking of the launch date of FIFA 18 , there are three days to be had in the head:
World Launch: 29 September.
Launch for reservations: September 26th.
Release for EA Access and EA Origin members: September 21.
Once exposed the different dates of launch, we are with the advance of FIFA 18 .
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The most real football
Each new FIFA , Electronic Arts praises the numerous improvements, corrections and new ideas that are reflected in the saga. What one year was worth and was good, the next one could not be and stop being worth.
There was evolution, but not so much as to justify an annual delivery, something that players have demanded for years (EA to launch a payment DLC with new templates and a few tweaks instead of a new game every month).
With the arrival of FIFA 17 we saw a real evolution, although it was not the revolution that was expected when changing engine (from Ignite to Frostbite). However, in  FIFA 18 coin generator xbox one  , without being a revolution with respect to the previous delivery, there is an even bigger jump than the one seen between FIFA 16 and FIFA 17. The reason is clear, the experience that the development team acquired with the engine during The development of last year.
And is that Electronic Arts has polished everything we saw in FIFA 17 focusing on three specific details: the immediate response of the command, artificial intelligence and physical .
'' Responsive '' was the term most heard during the presentation of triche fifa 18 at the Santiago Bernabeu. It is something that means '' sensitivity '', the immediacy between the push of the button and the response of the player on the field. It may seem like a minor change, eliminating that 'gap' or 'lag' is fine, but it's not so much, you can think. However, it is a playable world.
And that delay between our orders and the animation of the footballer is something that, in the last installments, has been faced to FIFA.